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Trans Slam - a different type of transfer printing

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Trans Slam – a quick and easy solution to all of your transfer printing needs. You don't need to buy specially coated blank media and there is no need for pre-treatment AND you can print onto dark colours..

High quality deep rich colours and true photographic images at 1200 dpi are easily achievable when using the Trans Slam printer in conjunction with our RIP software.

The toner printer includes white and the unique Trans Slam RIP software allows you to control the amount of white that you print ensuring that your print look amazing on both light and dark garments and hard surfaces.

On garments you can now apply to an even wider range of fabrics including lights and dark cotton, polyester and nylon.  The transfer process is easy and the results are amazing, a light hand that washes great.

Switch to a hard product paper and you can now apply to ceramics, glass, flexiglass, metals, wood and more.

The process could not be simpler :

  1. import your file to the printer and the Slam RIP will create your image
  2. print out your image out in under 10 seconds, no weeding needed
  3. press your print onto your product using a heat press with high pressure
  4. peel away the transfer paper to leave a vibrant image

To switch between garments and hard surfaces simply choose the right paper for the job, print and apply.

With no need for weeding a product can be printed and ready to go in seconds (print time of 9 seconds and a press time from 15 seconds).


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Trans Slam Printer Specifications

9 seconds for first print

Up to 23 pages per minute

471mm (w) x 654.5mm (h) x 623mm (l)

12 month manufacturer’s warranty

Includes unique RIP software


Why Trans Slam?

Versatile – can print onto fabrics AND hard surface
Fast – prints are ready to heat press in 9 seconds
Stress free – no pretreating, no weeding simply print and press
Inexpensive – logo sized print from under 10p
Adaptable – unique RIP software gives you control over your prints


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